ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution

Implanted for up to 12 months

Only £3,950

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ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution

Implanted for up to 12 months

Only £3,950

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The Gastric Balloon may be suitable for you if you feel that diet and exercise alone is not achieving the weight loss results you are looking for.

This procedure is suitable for patients with a BMI of over 27kg/m2 and for patients who do not want a surgical procedure.

Gastric balloons have been used in the management of obesity for over 20 years. Over this time they have evolved in shape, size and design, resulting in a modern, durable product which is now well established as a safe weight loss procedure. It’s been shown that the average person loses 3 x more weight with a gastric balloon than with diet and exercise alone.

  • Diets can leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied.
  • Exercise can be challenging and uncomfortable, or you may have restricted mobility.

With the gastric balloon in place you will have a feeling of fullness and reduced hunger, which will enable you change your eating habits and adapt to smaller portions to kick start your weight loss. Once you start losing weight physical activity can be more comfortable and enjoyable.


The ORBERA™ weight loss system offers several different features that work together in harmony. These features not only give you the jump start to your weight loss journey, but they also provide you with the skills to live a healthy lifestyle long-term.

FDA Approved

During a U.S clinical trial, the ORBERA™ weight loss balloon showed 3.1x the weight loss of diet & exercise.

Real World Results

Over the last 20 years the ORBERA™ gastric balloons have helped more than 220,000 people lose weight in over 80 countries including Canada, Australia, Brazil and the U.K.

Proven Weight Loss

With ORBERA™ you can lose up to 3x more weight than with just diet and exercise alone. The gastric balloon kick starts your weight loss, and the aftercare, diet, and exercise help to keep it off.


The gastric balloon is inserted orally through your esophagus and placed directly into your stomach during a quick, non-surgical procedure.


The short procedure is completed while you are mildly sedated. Patients go home to start their weight loss journey on the same day.

12 Months

With up to 12 months with your balloon together with healthy diet and exercise, you will have the ability to achieve your weight loss goals.


  • The deflated gastric balloon is inserted through your mouth, eliminating the need for incisions or stitches and the scars they leave behind.
  • Once inserted the balloon is filled with a safe saline solution.
  • When the gastric balloon is fully inflated,  it is about the size of a grapefruit and moves freely around the stomach.
  • The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and patients  go home the same day
  • Patients diet along side the balloon,  lowering portions size,  making better food choices, adhering to a healthy, low calorie diet with exercise.

Orbera® is more than a balloon.

It’s a year-long program for helping you lose weight by changing your habits.


The Balloon Procedure

First, a diagnostic endoscopy is done to ensure that it is safe to perform the procedure. Once you are mildly sedated and comfortable, the procedure can begin. The balloon is inserted via the mouth and is deflated at this stage. Once inside the stomach the balloon is filled with saline (salt water) that is coloured blue or green, through a small filling tube (catheter). The balloon has a self sealing valve and once it is filled the catheter is gently removed.


Changing your habits

At this point you have taken the first step on a journey that can help you change your life. Your aim during this time is to break bad eating habits, with diet and exercise this procedure will enable you to lose weight as part of a lifestyle change. As balloon takes up a large portion of stomach capacity, reducing hunger. This will allow you to eat smaller amounts and feel full, re-training your brain to better anticipate when your stomach is getting full.


Removing the Balloon

Once the balloon has been in the stomach for 6 to 12 months it is then removed. The removal is very similar to having the device implanted. The balloon is deflated for removal, a  catheter is re attached and the balloon is removed endoscopically (via the mouth). Once removed it is important to continue with the changes you’ve made whilst the balloon is in place, maintaining the weight that you have lost and not slipping back into bad habits.


Lifestyle Change

You now have the balloon, so this is the start of a new regime. The balloon tricks the brain into thinking you are fuller than you are. Never again should you feel compelled to clear your plate. Portion control is the key and if you follow the dietary advice forming part of your aftercare, adhere to healthy foods, smaller portions, exercise and work with the balloon as part of a diet and lifestyle change, you will be kick starting your weight loss journey.

Gastric Balloon FAQs

Q: How will I know if the balloon leaks?

A: ORBERA® balloons have been used in over 277,000 cases and reviewed in over 230 published global clinical papers, and a balloon deflation or leak is a very rare event. However, if the balloon should leak your urine would turn blue or green, the colour of the saline in the balloon.  You must then notify us immediately to arrange for the balloon to be removed.

Q: How much weight can I lose?

A: It is important for you to understand that the balloon is a tool to aid weight loss and must be used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and a behaviour modification. The amount of weight you lose and maintain will depend on how closely you follow your diet and adopt long-term lifestyle changes.

Q: Will I regain weight?

A: Published clinical studies of ORBERA® have shown that, provided you keep to the prescribed diet and exercise regime, you will maintain weight loss through dieting post-removal. So, if you follow your new healthy lifestyle, you will be well on the way to maintaining your weight loss. There is a chance of weight regain with any type of weight loss procedure. If you work with the balloon to lose as much weight as possible while it is implanted, once removed you need to focus on maintaining the weight lost or continue to lose weight without slipping back into bad habits.`

Q: What are the side effects?

A: It is very likely that the presence of the balloon in the stomach will cause nausea,  vomiting  and stomach craps after placement. This is because your body sees this as a foreign object. You are discharged with medication for nausea. These side effects should start to subside after the first few days, however everyone is different and to what degree or duration you will experience these side effects varies from patient to patient. Some patients can experience intermittent nausea for the duration the balloon is implanted. Patients would need to contact us if these symptoms are persistent.

Q:Who may not be suitable

A: Patients with any of the following:

  • Diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia
  • Previous Oesphogeal Surgery
  • Fundopilcation
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Suffering chronic Gastric Reflux
  • GORD

Q: What are the disadvantages of gastric balloon surgery?

A: The disadvantages are:

  • Persistent nausea and vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Headaches due to dehydration
  • Bad breath
  • Faulty device (passing green or blue urine)
  • Failure to cope with the above
Real Patients, Real Results


“ORBERA® made the difference when nothing else could.”

Before ORBERA®, Mary wasn’t happy with herself. She didn’t enjoy how she looked or how she felt. She didn’t even recognize who she was anymore. After some research, Mary knew that ORBERA® was for her. Now, she’s 43 lbs lighter and happier than ever.


“Make the commitment and be sure that you want to do it.”

For me the toughest part was making the decision to finally commit and say I’m going to do this. I would give anyone considering LAP-BAND® the same advice that my colleagues gave me, to make the commitment and be sure that you want to do it.

* Results are from individual customer testimonials and your results may vary.